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Misty the Ghost from Spirits at Tea Time - a #webcomic by Whimsy and Noir

~Whether from a movie or t.v. show, book, or our imaginations: people love original characters! And artists/writers/creators of all kinds love dreaming them up and giving them life. I decided to start a regular blog series to introduce the world to the characters I feature in my webcomics, (and elsewhere). It will be a weekly blog ‘linkup’ theme of sorts, and it’s an open invitation for anyone who loves to create characters to join in! You can add the graphic I created up top, (use the code at the end of this post!), link back to me, and use the hashtag #MeetMyCharacters on social media so that we can all find/read your posts! (And just to note: it doesn’t have to be a blog post. You can join in by just using a photo post on Instagram or Twitter!)


Misty the Friendly Ghost

This week, I’ll be telling you about the very first character you met on Spirits at Tea Time! I wanted to send readers for a spin when they met her. (And I apologize if you aren’t familiar with my webcomic by now, but I’m afraid the element of surprise has been forever spoiled!) When Misty first makes her appearance, (so to speak), she seems like just a regular flesh and blood girl, doesn’t she? When we first see her, she is sitting at a table at the W&N Tea Shop looking like a bored teenager.

Yes, my ‘spirit’ finds the afterlife isn’t really all that great at all. In case you missed my interview on Dez Schwartz’s blog, I went more into the details of why this is:

She is a lonely, restless spirit, and still technically a young girl who left this world too soon.. and she still wants to live. She loves being around people and wants to help and be everyone’s friend.

I also revealed that her history is actually still a mystery to myself! As her creator, I admit that I don’t quite know how to feel about this.. on the one hand, I’m enjoying creating her back story as I go, but on the other hand, I need to know so that I can help her out!

One thing I will say, however, is that I’ve always known/felt that she was not of this (current) time period. I tried to reflect that by giving her a sort of ‘old-fashioned’ dress and boots, but I know it’s not actually historically accurate to any specific period, and it’s just an overly-simplified rendering of what I picture in my head.. maybe one day I’ll spend the time making a super detailed rendering 😉

Also, she really is such a sweet girl. I don’t want to say she’s naive, exactly, but she just genuinely wants to befriend everyone. And since she is stuck haunting the W&N Tea Shop, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of tea, even though she can’t taste it herself!



Spirits at Tea Time by Whimsy and Noir


The Whimsy and Noir “Ghost Mythos”

But let’s go back to the whole ‘appearance’ thing, because I feel I should officially explain this. I created my own set of “rules” for the ghosts in my world:

  • ghosts have the power to make themselves visible/audible to the living, (but here’s the catch: they aren’t SUPPOSED to!)
  • in order to be audible, they have to be visible first! (hence why Melissa couldn’t actually hear Misty when she was using her spirit board – Misty made herself invisible at that point)
  • they are ghosts/spirits stuck on earth because they have “unfinished business”
  • once they figure out said business, they are then free to fully cross over into the spirit world, where no living people exist.. naturally

I hope that makes sense! Admittedly, I’m still working out some kinks..

What’s next for Misty?

Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see, aren’t you?! So far in our story, she’s made a possible new ‘partner in crime’ with the emo teen girl Melissa. Misty has offered to help her find out what became of a person named “Martin Spencer”.. another spirit.

But will she actually be able to? Or is Misty just so lonely that she is willing to say anything to get Melissa to come back?

Stay tuned to Spirits at Tea Time, updated Tuesdays!



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