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Alright, alright.. so it’s “official” name isn’t the “Goth Bunny” dress, but that’s what I’m calling it because that is the vibe I get from this dress. It’s not a new style by any means – in fact, black and white collared dresses like this have been popping up everywhere for a long time, now, and I always coveted one but hadn’t found an (affordable) style that I liked enough, or that wasn’t made from crushed velvet.


Review: Victoria Beckham for Target on



Enter the “Goth Bunny” dress I found at Target this past weekend! Now, I’m not a fan of Victoria Beckham or anything, but from what I *do* know about her: she is fiercely passionate about fashion and clothing, which is something I can appreciate and relate to. (Even if we have completely different tastes/styles). She just launched a limited edition collection of clothes for both women and children at Target that is super affordable, and let’s be honest: cute AF. This dress was under $40.

Bunnies and black are a huge part of my “Whimsy and Noir” look/aesthetic, so I just HAD to have this dress!


Review: Victoria Beckham for Target on


I’m sure she didn’t intend for this to give off such a Wednesday Addams/goth vibe, but I guess that’s just what I bring to the table, haha.



As is usually the case when it comes to mass produced and budget-friendly (i.e. “cheap”) clothes, this dress (and probably most other pieces in this collection) is 100% Polyester. I’m not a fan of man-made textiles for a number of reasons, but #1 being that it’s just. Not. Breathable. And the day I wore this happened to be a super humid Texas day, so yes, it was uncomfortable. It’s better suited to colder weather, but we’re in Spring now, and will be in sweltering Summer, soon.. I don’t think I’ll be sporting this too frequently until December, ha. But cheap fabric = cheap price.

I also didn’t know what to make of the sizing. Another tell-tale sign of mass-produced items. It does run rather on the larger side, so I ended up going down a size than what I (think) I usually wear, and it was literally the last one in the store. So I’m glad I got to it when I did!

The cut itself is also not something I usually go for: a straight shift style that isn’t suited to my petite frame, but by adding a belt, it instantly adds shape and looks 1000 times better. I don’t think I’ll ever end up wearing it without a  belt.

Review: Victoria Beckham for Target on


And, finally, when I first saw the photos of this dress I thought that the bunny faces on the collar were embroidered. Turns out they are only screen printed – but at least they are clear enough and don’t seem like they will fade anytime soon.

Check it out for yourself on Target’s website. It also comes in a blush pink style, but personally, I think the black one is best 😉