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Chibi: The Birthday Massacre by Whimsy and Noir


Welcome to Week Six of my “100 Days of Fashion Illustration” art project! (I first mentioned it here).

I wanted to try a game with this project: Since I’ve been reminiscing about my former fashion design path, I’ve also been revisiting some old music I used to love.

Since I can remember, I’ve been inspired by musicians – specifically, of the rock variety. It started with a videotape of Alice Cooper concert footage my father used to watch when I was a small child. Most kids would have probably been freaked out by his stage persona – the makeup, the flashing lights and smoke, the pretend guillotine that would chop his head off, and the actor dressed as a doctor that used to hold said severed (fake) head out to the audience, so it could squirt (fake) blood on them.. it was genius! I was completely enthralled by the gutsy theatricality of this freaky dude. It was entertainment, but the showmanship that was the biggest part of it had a lot to do with costumes. Clothes that helped create characters.


#tbt ~ (not actually part of my “100 Days of fashion illustration” project, but fitting!) an illustration I did as part of an assignment in fashion school 7 or so years ago. The prompt was to design a look for a performer, and I chose my muse Chris Corner of @iamx – the inspiration was “Victorian era magician”, for some reason 😂.. lace cravat and all. It doesn’t fit with how his style has evolved over the years, but I thought it could have worked, back then. Also: I totally got an ‘A’, so whatever 😉 . . (It’s inspired a writing project, now, believe it or not- never throw away your old artwork, kids!) . . #throwbackthursday #art #drawing #illustration #fashiondesign #fashiondesigner #fashionillustration #fashionillustrator #fashionillustratorsofinstagram #IAMX #chriscorner

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Fast forward a few years later: I am STILL so into artists that aren’t afraid to use clothes and props and makeup to create their whole look. I’m most drawn to those who aren’t afraid to stand out – the music is one thing. Anyone can be a good musician, but a true ROCKSTAR, (like Alice Cooper), is one who has fun with their outward appearance. At least, to me 😉

So what I’ve done is written down the names of several musicians, current and not so current who are fashion forward and daring kinds of folk. I take the names into cut up pieces of paper, shake them around, and pick one at random. I pretend that whatever name/person I draw has ‘hired’ me as a designer to come up with a new look for them, either for the stage or for every day.

The first name I drew was for Chibi, the lead singer of the band the Birthday Massacre. I used to be so into this band, but I admit I haven’t kept up with them these past few years. Which is a shame, considering how much they’ve (semi) influenced the whole “Whimsy and Noir” aesthetic: the Birthday Massacre is all about the black and purple combo, and even use bunny rabbits in everything they put out!

For this look, I designed Chibi a high waisted, ruffled corset skirt with suspenders, and attached ribbons that connect from the back of the skirt to her wrists. I feel it would be a cute stage look, or an outfit for a music video.

Hope she likes it 😉


Check out the Birthday Massacres’s video for “in the Dark” to get an idea of their aesthetic:


Stay tuned for more rockstar makeovers by Whimsy and Noir!