April 2017 Outfit Roundup on whimsyandnoir.com April 2017 Outfit Roundup on whimsyandnoir.com


Is it just me, or did April go by kind of slowly? Looking back at my very first outfit from this month, it seems like it was forever ago!

Visually, I really like my little collage of April’s looks, here.. it was my most cohesive month, yet! A lot of purple, (my absolute fave!), blue, and black because black is best. I also got more creative with the photos, including shots of accessories, and even a different kind of editing! (see: #6).

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about each look this time, as I’ve worn/spoken about a lot of these pieces in months past. The only ones I remind you all that are brand new additions to my wardrobe are #’s 2 and 5 – my very first official pinup wiggle dress from Heart of Haute, and my new Victoria Beckham for Target dress that I reviewed here.

The skirt in #7 is also a ‘new’ addition from a shopping excursion to my favorite thrift store this month. I’m still trying to determine which tops go best with it, but I love it.

#’s 3, 8 and 9 feature some of my treasured accessories that I’ve had for years: a pink flowery lady tie that I won in a giveaway, vintage gloves from Max Meyer and Co. and an inverted cameo ring that I bought on my first trip to NYC, (from a vendor at the Brooklyn Flea), six years ago this month!

April was a fun month 🙂

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Stay tuned for May!